When a loved one is in the hospital, emotions are running high, and a million things are going through your mind. You want, first and foremost, to ensure that your loved one is going to be okay. And then comes the thoughts and the what-ifs that you don’t want to think about. And, of course, you ponder to thoughts of finances, where he kids will stay, and more. It can definitely be stressful. If you want to make your stay with your loved one at the hospital a little more tolerable, even when so much is going on, there are several tips offered at hehandmadechic.com that you shouldn’t wait to utilize. Read below, before you go, for a few additional tips that you can use to make the stay a little more comfortable. If you think that it is hard being a patient in the hospital, wait until you discover the difficulty of being there for endless hours with a loved one.

Bring Blankets & Pillows

Your loved one who is in the hospital will likely appreciate a personal blanket and pillow. Make sure that you provide them this comfort, and grab them for yourself, too. Although hospitals offer chairs and cots for sleeping, they’re uncomfortable, and cold temperatures may cause even more difficulty getting rest.



Bringing entertainment to the hospital with you is also important. You probably want to keep the phone in the car when visiting a hospital, but there ae plenty of other options for entertainment. Why not take this time to catch up on a good book? You can bring all your yarn and needles, and finish crocheting, if you would like. If you like reading magazines, why not sit down and find out what is going on in your world? There’s so many possibilities for entertainment, so don’t sit around bored.


You don’t want hospital food. While there is likely a cafeteria or a restaurant nearby, living off fast food or this quick fix food isn’t very healthy, nor is it affordable. Why not go home, prepare a pot of chili, spaghetti, etc. and bring it with you? The cafeteria has microwaves to heat the food, and you get a great meal without the costs. Bring an extra portion or two for your family member/loved one, if they are not on any sort of restricted diet. You can also get an approval for this outside food from the nurse or doctor if it would make you more comfortable to do so.

It is never easy to see your loved one in the hospital, and there’s a lot going on for sure. But, this doesn’t mean that you must add to the headaches that you are already experiencing. Use the tips above to help make your stay at the hospital with your loved one a little bit easier. These tips really help, and you will be so happy that you decided to use them to your benefit.