6 Amazing Benefits of Ashitaba Plants

ashitaba plant

Back in the 1600’s, a very potent elixir grown on the southern coastline of Japan was discovered, and upon consuming it, it has provided nothing but amazing effects. Ashitaba plants are the new and improved green tea. Although it is still yet to be mainstreamed to the western world, it is slowly progressing its way out of its mystical appeal. It is an actual product known from its consumers to have real benefits. Below is a list of amazing benefits ashitaba plant provides:  

1.    Rich in antioxidants

Antioxidants are the first in this list because it encompasses almost every health solution for the human body. They are vital for the overall immune system, prevents aging, promotes longevity, healthy cell division, reducing inflammation and the list goes on.

Amid all the amazing antioxidant benefits of ashitaba, antioxidants are mostly known for its anti-aging and longevity properties. They play a crucial role in preventing unhealthy cell division and replace damaged or dead cells, thus slowing down the overall effects of aging.

The plant is incredibly rich in antioxidants. Not only that, it is one of the most antioxidant rich plants in the world with a higher ORAC value compared to green tea, hence, why it’s considered the “new and improved” green tea.

2.    Promotes Weight Loss

Thanks to chalcones, ashitaba can assist with weight loss. Chalcones are chemical compounds that can lower cholesterol, improve metabolism and regulate blood pressure, thus helping you lose weight. In addition to weight loss, chalcones can also improve mood and stress, which, in turn improves the likelihood for weight loss. They are also rich in fiber, which can improve digestion, clearing out the digestive tract, and reduces bloating.

3.    Cancer fighting

In a study conducted by Dr. Toru Okuyama of Meiji University, ashitaba extracts were tested on mice to see if it helps to treat skin and lung cancers. The findings showed that there have been significant inhibitions of cancer cells on mice, concluding the plant effectively targets against cancer cells.  The plants are potent with cancer-reversing qualities founds on its roots. It is no wonder thousands of people are working their way to grow this miracle plants in their own backyards

4.    Depression

Depression is a debilitating mental state due to a chemical imbalance in the brain. Not only is it a state of mind, your internal processes do not function the way they normally should, resulting in hormonal imbalance, and thus, propagating depression even more. It is like a slippery slope.

Fortunately, ashitaba is discovered to stimulate the Nerve Growth Factor (NGF), which plays an essential role in the development and functioning of neurons in the central and peripheral nervous system. Just like how chalcones can aid in weight loss, it also promotes better metabolism and hormonal regulation and can promote overall well-being.

Amid all these health benefits the ashitaba plant provides, more research still needs to be done to confirm there is conclusive evidence for the above claims. Regardless, we can all just enjoy all what the plant has to offer for now. There is nothing to lose, as no findings have shown any adverse effects. Ashitaba is nature’s miracle with far more benefits than what is described. Too many to list, and that is a good thing. For your next health concoction, give ashitaba a try.